Atomic Bombshells J'Adore Teaser


“Extraordinary practitioners of the art of burlesque...!!”
“Armed with an astounding amount of talent, these phenomenal beauties pull out all the stops and pump out a show of sheer splendor where every inch of skin is cherished...” SEATTLE WEEKLY
“The New York Yankees of Burlesque!” KPLU RADIO
“The Atomic Bombshells are dragging the nation's arts forward...” BOSTON SPIRIT MAGAZINE
“Their professionally choreographed routines are a sheer joy to watch!” HOTELSBYCITY.NET
“The choreography is pristine, the band is swinging, and the Bombshells are HOT...” SHANGHAI JAZZ SCENE
“The Atomic Bombshells make stripping an art!” SEATTLE GAY NEWS
“The city's most dazzling Burlesque troupe...” SEATTLE WEEKLY
“Their slithery choreography is flawless......Don't miss it!” SEATTLE MAGAZINE
“Voted #41 in The 65 Best Ways To Love Our City...” SEATTLE METROPOLITAN

SEATTLE MAGAZINE: Kitten La Rue Photoshoot

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